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If you need any further assistance, please call us on +44 (0)20 3398 0398, or complete the contact form.

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Open Access


For conference calls without the commitment! Open Access is free and easy with no booking, no billing, no fuss. Find out more.

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Contact your participants with the PIN, dial-in number and time of the call


At the agreed time, all dial
0818 270 007, enter the PIN and start talking

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How It's Done

Try it now in 3 easy steps!

1. Generate your PIN. Just type in your email address and one will be instantly generated for you.

2. Contact your participants. Email them your PIN, the dial-in number 0818 270 007 and the time you want to start voice conferencing.

3. Have a Powwownow. At the agreed time you all dial in and enter the PIN on your phone keypad, and your conference call is under way.

Download our User Guide Pdf for in-conference controls.

Increase the volume. Use Event Calls to speak to more people.

What It Costs

We do not charge you any kind of fee - you just pay for your own phone call, typically
8 cent/min+VAT from an Irish landline. These charges appear on your phone bill in the same way as any other call.

Enhanced Access

Enhanced Access offers great extra features all for free!

How It's Done

Register a few details and receive the following benefits:


Reserve your PIN


Contact your participants with the PIN, dial-in number and time of the call


At the agreed time, all dial
0818 270 007, enter the PIN and start talking

Click here to reserve your personal PIN

Premium Access

Premium Access is a contract-based alternative for corporate customers who require a customised service with additional features and specially negotiated pricing.

How It's Done

Call us on +44 (0)20 3398 0398 and talk to one of our specialist sales consultants about how Premium Access can benefit your business.

Premium Access features include:

  • Choice of dial-in number and rate (0818, 01800, 01)
  • Unlimited conference calls
  • Free web conferencing with Showtime
  • Secure call recording at the push of a button
  • Real-time reporting for all your calls
  • Branded welcome message to greet call participants
  • Unlimited chairperson and participant PINs
  • Conference calls accessible from any location with no booking
  • Free scheduler – an easy way to invite callers
  • International access from over 100 countries

What It Costs

Because we customise the service to meet your specific business needs, you can choose the package that suits you. Call us on +44 (0)20 3398 0398 for rates that meet your business needs.

Find out which service level suits you best...

Although Powwownow is affordable and easy to use, it is also rich in functionality. See how the different access options compare...

No contract required


Instant availability


Secure access


Unlimited call duration


Low cost international access numbers


Your own unique PIN


Free use of Showtime web conferencing


Powwownow conference scheduler


Secure conference call recording system


Choice of call announcements, language and music preferences


Dedicated unique private conferencing number


Multiple sets of chairperson and participant PINs


Company branding


Number of call participants

50 * 50 * Up to 1000
*Speak to up to 300 callers with Event Calls.

How We Are Different

No one does free conference calling like we do. Teleconferencing with Powwownow is dead easy and costs nothing apart from the cost of your own call. In 2009 we became a telecommunications company in our own right, which now puts us alongside BT as the only other telecoms company to provide their own conference calling service in the UK. So you can have more confidence and more benefits for no additional cost. Learn more about how we are different.

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Cost Savings...

  Cost to conference chairperson Saving with powwownow
POWWOWNOW € 4.80 -
BTMeetMe € 40.80 € 36.00
MeetingZone € 23.10 € 20.52
Comparison shows how much the chairperson pays for a
1-hour conference call with 6 participants. Costs